Granite is one of the heaviest minerals that can be used for making a counter top and therefore is very sturdy. It can withstand heavy-duty use and is generally scratch resistant. Granite offers a variety of colors and patterns and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


Marble should be used in low traffic, low use areas. It is the softest of all natural stone used for countertops. It is not recommended for use in high traffic areas. Marble is very decorative and provides some of the best color combinations and patterns.


Quartz is made with a blend of natural stone, resin, & polymers. The end result is a surface like granite, but non-porous. Quartz is low maintenance, but should not be neglected. Avoid abrasive cleansers and harsh chemicals. You should use a trivet under pots and pans.


Quartzite is the hardest natural stone currently used for residential projects. It is commonly found in white and grey colors, with patterns that resemble marble. It is a great option to get a marble look in a high traffic, high use area, without the durability issues of marble.